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Hairstetics is always looking for talents willing to challenge the status quo.

There are no jobs opened at the moment.

Hairstetics employees, at all levels, have a right to expect from the company and their colleagues:

  • respect, support and encouragement
  • a work environment that is safe, stimulating and rewarding
  • the freedom to make mistakes and to admit to them without fear of retribution
  • that the highest standards of integrity will be maintained at all times
  • that colleagues will never knowingly do anything to compromise their position as Hairstetics employees
  • that all who represent Hairstetics will do so in ways that generate respect for the company and its employees

Physicians using our products have a right to expect that: 

  • we will only make available those products in which we have full confidence
  • we will offer the best possible products at the most reasonable cost
  • Hairstetics’s employees will always display courtesy, respect and act professionally
if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us